Classic Eyelash Extension

Classic Eyelash Extension

classic eyelash extension is a technique in which a single lash extension is applied to each natural isolated lash. Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and fullness to your natural lash line.

Key Training Objectives


♦ Latest Eyelash Shaping and Styling Information

♦ Eyelash Extension Application Theory & Techniques

♦ Detailed Eye Anatomy, Allergies & Medical Consultation Review

♦ Eyelash Aftercare & Troubleshooting

♦ Eyelash Fill & Removal Techniques

♦ Live Model Practice Including One-on-One  Trainer

♦ Focusing on Complete Client Experience, Offering Professional Service

♦ Detailed Product Information Including Proper Adhesive Selection

Classic Lash Kit

• Eyelash wands ( brush )
• Mirco brushes ( to clean )
• 2 Eyelash Trays
• Lash glue
• Primer
• Glue remover
• Eye patches
• 2 Tweezers Straight & Curved
• Glue rings
• Tape


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With this in mind , we believe smaller classes provide a better learning environment. Smaller classes equals more one-on-one instruction!